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How It Works
Sign up for the ones you love
Once a week, we email them questions you’ve never thought to ask..
Select collaborators
They reply with stories and which is shared with you and collaborators each week..
Review and print
At the end of a year, their stories are bound into a beautiful keepsake book..
How It Works

Your stories will be bound with our premium perfect binding. Durable and flexible for any page book.

All our covers are printed with a matte laminate finish for soft touch feel.

The pages are printed on heavy silk paper for a low sheen look.

Real Carenote Stories

Here's a variety of Carenote stories our customers have created.

What a Great Ride! by Dee Schenck


College ·Dating ·Wedding

Caleb tells the story of his love, which blossomed on the campus of Mercer University and grew into the marriage of his and Clara’s dreams.

What a Great Ride! by Dee Schenck


Faith ·Family ·Religion

From his childhood in Utah to advice for his great grandchildren, Dee leaves a legacy of faith, family, and love in a detailed account of his life.

What a Great Ride! by Dee Schenck


Childhood ·Family Values ·

Jehava Brown explores how faith and hard work have helped her young family build a life full of love and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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Here are some common questions about Carenote.

All packages include a year worth of story prompts for storyteller(s), unlimited recipients (whom the stories are shared with), and one hard cover book.
When your subscription ends, you will receive an email with the option to renew for another year, or to print your book. We do not print the books automatically, and usually give people a few weeks to edit their stories.c

You can choose the questions your ask the storyteller from our library, edit our questions, or even write your own. There is flexibility with the topics your storyteller can write about.
If you’d prefer not to choose questions, your storyteller will receive questions randomly from our library by default.

Each question email contains a link to change your question if you’re not inspired by that week’s topic. Just click that link, and you’ll be taken to our question library, where you can choose a new question or write your own.

You have as much time to reply to a story prompt as you would like and can catch up at any time. All questions sent to you will be saved to your account. You can even go back and respond to old questions after your year’s subscription has expired.

Just reply to the email and compose your story. When you’re done, send the email, and your story will be posted.

Our printer is set up to print 250 pages. Rarely, people run into this limitation. If your book exceeds 250 pages, you may purchase additional volumes. To find the current page count of your book, please see the select preview book in user account page.

To include a photo, simply include it with your email response, either inline or as a jpeg attachment. You can also upload images by logging into your account on our website.
Type the caption directly underneath the photo in your email. Short captions will be centered automatically in your book. Captions longer than one line will not be centered. Please proof all picture placement on user account page

Shipping within the US is included in our $99 package.

All our books are formatted to 6x9 size. Please go to the user account page to preview book before ordering for final print. You also have the option to download the pdf file. This will show exactly how the book will be printed with the photos.

If for any reason you’re not thrilled with your purchase, we offer full refunds within 30 days, as long as no books have been printed. Printed books cannot be returned or exchanged.

Carenote is a great last-minute gift, since our one-year gift can be delivered the same day via email (you can also print a gift card at home). Your gift recipient will receive a weekly email with a question about their life, and at the end of the year they can order a beautiful hardcover book of their stories.

With standard shipping, hard-cover books take approximately 10 business days to deliver from the day they are ordered. Our book order page will give you a more precise estimate based on your shipping address but note that these are estimates only and that we cannot guarantee shipping or delivery dates at this time.

Storytellers can write as many stories per week as they wish. We default to sending one question per week to avoid overwhelming people, but you can also choose to send them faster (up to once a day) or slower (every other week or even once a month). Your book can be printed at any time.

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