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We created Carenote to help families and friends easily tell their stories.

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Personal, 1-on-1 Interview

We'll call your loved one for a personal 1-on-1 phone interview at whatever time is convenient for them. Our team of interviewers have been professionally trained and are well-practiced at helping users tell engaging stories. We will call them and record their stories, while asking them prompting questions to make sure every memorable detail is captured.

Transcription, Editing, Photos

After the interview, our transcription team meticulously turns the audio into text. At that point, you’ll be able to review the transcription to check for grammar and spelling, and add any additional content you may want. Optionally, our team can edit the transcription for you while keeping true to the voice and tone. No story is complete without the visuals, upload your personal photos to our easy-to-use website and we will incorporate them into your Carenote.

Professional Design and Printing

Once transcription and editing is complete, our professional designers will take the text, plus user submitted photos, and artfully create a digital book for you to review and comment. After approval of the final draft, we send these files off to our best-in-class printer. Within a few weeks you'll have a beautifylly designed, family keepsake in your hands.